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our servisce

our servisce

TNJ is a highly specialized fine chemical corporation. We have been committing to the high quality products and service.

Technology Support

As a chemical supplier for more than 10 years, TNJ is equipped with professional technology talents. For any question about technology and product quality, we will have trustworthy technology experts to provide professional service. So you never have worries about our product application into your production.

Products Supply

TNJ supply covers areas such as Food & feed additives, Fragrance & flavors, Cosmetic materials, API (pharmaceutical raw materials), Functional chemicals & Intermediate solvents, Resins. After browsing our Product list, you can inquire any product we have. All of these products are with our quality and service promise, time honored.

You can also inquire from us other products non-listed on our websites. We are well-known among chemical circles so maybe we can provide you some valuable advice.

Special Production for you

TNJ products have wide application. But different fields have different quality requirements. You can tell us where you use it or where the problems are, we can define what is best for your application and manufacture products according to your special requirements.

Sample & Test

TNJ can provide sample and test according to customers' requirements

Excellent Sales Service

Excellent and professional sales service will be provided to you in the whole sales procedure, especially after-sales service. You need to worry nothing since your order with us. This is our promise! We have online cargo tracking system from which you just need to fill the order number, then you can know the status of your order. Meanwhile, we have professional Paperwork department who will keep you informed time-in-time.

For the whole order process, we have service with you from Technology department, Sales Department, Logistic department and Paperwork department.

Free export Agent

TNJ is equipped with professional exporting sales team and handling team. If you have any inconvenience or problems in exporting, we can do that for you totally free and keep secret your sales information.

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