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About us

About Us

  He Fei Teng Chao Chemical Material Co.,Ltd. is a mediumsized chemical corporation specialized in the manufacturing and sales of fine chemical materials .Guided by the principle of high quality,high reputation,and high technology,we have been sticking to provide the best service and high quality product to our customers.

  After about ten years development ,we are very strong in products such as Polyvinylpyrrolidone(PVP),2-Pyrrolidone,N-methylpyrrolidone ,Gamma-butyrolactone úČPovidone Iodine etc.

  Meanwhile,we keep researching and developing new products and trying to probe into new fields in chemicals.

  To face the more fierce market competition,we have to work harder than ever with our excellent workers and talents ,advanced technology ,good management and professional service.We will focus on the Strategic Development Goals and aim to build our cooperation to be an excellent and world-famous chemical supplier with good reputation.

  We do and will work with you for ever.


Address:The new center of Hefei City, Anhui Province Chief District Building 6 room 1406-1407  Telephone:+86-551-63625991   Fax:+86-551-63646472Hefei Tengchao Chemical Material Co., Ltd.